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Addressing Your Percussionists' Needs: On and Off The Podium


Welcome to the supplemental page for my article!

A special thank you to the Percussive Arts Society for asking me to write this article and for publishing this article in the Fall 2015 PAS Educators' Companion.

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Supplemental Materials

As a musician, I am constantly learning. With that in mind, this page will be updated regularly as I find more significant information related to this topic. I hope you enjoy!

Will James, Principal Percussionist for the St. Louis Symphony 

Knowing which mallets to use during a particular passage of music can be extremely difficult, especially if you aren't a percussionist. However, Will James has done an exceptional job explaining his selection process within his Blog "How to Choose a Mallet."


After reading that blog entry, take a second to check out his other posts regarding percussion performance. Will James is truly one of the best percussionists in our field today and his posts are on my "must read" list every time he updates. Click here for a link to his other blog posts.

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