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Series One:

Teaching Through COVID-19


Dr. Omar Carmenates

Dr. Omar Carmenates is the Associate Professor of Percussion at Furman University. He is a master teacher, accomplished arranger/composer, exceptional performer, and, most importantly, a great human being and someone we are lucky to have in the music field.
Omar is in his twelve year of teaching at Furman University and, if you know anything about his program, you know that his students at AWESOME! To list all of Omar’s accomplishments would take a lifetime. So if you want to know more about him, please head over to the Furman University site and check out these links below!
Thanks for being an innovator in our field, Omar! I was an honor to have you on the show!



B.Reeves Headshot.jpg.jpg
Brad and Crystal Reeves are two incredible band directors in the Van Buren Arkansas School District. 
These two are part of a larger directing team that prides themselves on hard work and dedication. And when I say they work hard, I mean it! The VB team are some of the hardest working directors I have ever met and visiting their rehearsals is a real treat for me. 
There is never a down moment during their rehearsals. Even when the students aren't playing, the directors are engaging with them and building up relationships with the students. The care for their students in a way that allows for constant correction and criticisms while at the same time an understanding that even if the students to execute a passage perfectly, they are growing as musicians and people. They are learning life skills that will assist them whether they continue with music after high school or not. It's a special environment to witness.
I am so excited for you to hear what they have been up to and I hope you enjoy!

Jaime Esposito (They/Them)

Jaime Esposito is a percussion performer and educator based out of Dallas, Texas. In 2018, Jaime co-founded Spectrum Ensemble, a non-profit organization dedicated to highlighting talented LGBTQA+ composers and performers. The ensemble commissions and performs new music by Queer composers, raises funds for LGBTQA+ causes, and advocates for marginalized members of the music community. 

As a performer, Esposito was an artist with the International Lyric Academy in Italy during the summer of 2018. Additionally, in the summer of 2015, they were invited to the United Kingdom to perform with the prestigious Britten-Pears Festival Orchestra. Domestically, Jaime has been an artist with the World Percussion Group and Heartland Marimba collective, where they performed concerts and offered coaching sessions to students across the country. Esposito frequently plays with the Las Colinas Symphony Orchestra, Texarkana Symphony, Allen Symphony, Abilene Philharmonic, and Dallas Chamber Winds.

As an educator, Esposito currently serves as a private lessons instructor and front ensemble tech at LD Bell High School in Hurst, Texas. Additionally, Jaime has taught as an adjunct professor at North Texas Central College, front ensemble tech for the Vigilantes Indoor Percussion Ensemble, sectional coach for the Fort Worth Youth Symphony, and drumline instructor at the Culver Military Academy.

As a graduate student at the University of North Texas, they held responsibilities teaching primary lessons to undergraduate percussion students, teaching the Freshman Percussion Ensemble, as served as a Graduate Teaching Fellow and Office Assistant for Mark Ford.

Jaime holds a Masters of Music in Percussion Performance from the University of North Texas and a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance from Northwestern University. Their primary teachers include She-e Wu, James Ross, Chris Lamb, Christopher Deane, and Robert Schietroma. 

Jaime currently lives in Denton, Texas with their partner Isabelle and children Hodge and Elzora

Video Coming In The Near Future

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