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TDobbs Productions

Professional Quality Audio/Video at Competitive Prices 

Standard Package

Designed for college apps, competitions, concert assessment, recitals, etc.

Stereo Mics + 1 Camera

* $10 per hour for additional mics

$50 Per Hour

Premiere Special

Designed for competition apps, contest recordings, conference presentations, job applications, graduate school pre-screening, etc.

Stereo Mics + Two Spot Mics + Two Cameras 

* $10 per hour for each additional mic

$100 Per Hour

Special Projects

Designed for any creative ideas you might have! Examples include: educational outreach videos, instrument demonstrations, technique and sound production tutorials, etc. 

 Unlimited Microphones + Unlimited Cameras

Price Based on Scope of Project

Audio ONLY

The same quality product as heard above but without video. 

Stereo Mics 

* $5 per hour for each additional mic

$40 Per Hour

This includes:

Noise Reduction


Compress/EQ (as needed)

Up to six spot mics (for an additional fee)

Rendered .wav or .mp3 files

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