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Calendar of Events

Fall 2019

August 19th: Starting my 6th year teaching at UAFS!!!

September 3rd: Submitted Promotion Portfolio!!!!!!

September 7th: Fort Smith Symphony Fundraiser Pop's Concert

September 8th: Fort Smith Symphony Classics Concert- Beethoven Symphony No. 7

September 10th: UAFS Faculty Showcase Concert at The Blue Lion

September 14th: The Noble Eight Lion Dance Company's Moon Lighting Festival Performance

September 27th: Jazz Combo at the 906 Lounge

October 2nd: Wind and Wood Duo Performance at The Blue Lion

October 5th: Percussion Adjudicator at the Dale Bumpers Marching Invitational

October 12th: Duo Wind and Wood Performance at the  National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructor's Conference at the University of Northern Iowa

November 7th: Fort Smith Symphony Hollywood Film Concert

November 13-17th: Percussive Arts Society's International Convention in Indianapolis (Entire UAFS Percussion Studio going)

December 7th: Fort Smith Symphony Christmas Concert

December 15-18th: Wood and Wind Duo Album Recording Session Part One, in Oklahoma City

December 20th: The Midwest Clinic presentation entitled "Accessory After The Fact: How To Prevent Criminal Sounds Within Your Percussion Section

Spring 2020

January 20th: UAFS Faculty Showcase Concert

January 24th: Accessory After The Fact: How To Prevent Criminal Sounds Within Your Percussion Section clinic at the Arkansas All-Region Conference

January 26th: Soloist with The Great Plains Percussion Group in at Moore High School

February 6-8th: Recording sessions with the Wind and Wood Duo at Castle Row Studios in Oklahoma City (Re-imagined Possibilities Album)

February 19th-22nd: Exhibitor at the Arkansas All-State Conference in Hot Springs

March 7th: Fort Smith Symphony Performance- "Sounds of Power"

March 8/9th: Solo Recital at the 2020 North American Saxophone Alliance Biennial Conference as a member of the Cheek/Dobbs Duo at ASU

March 12th: Dr. Dobbs's Faculty Recital at UAFS featuring the Wind and Wood Duo and the UAFS Percussion Ensemble

March 14th: Solo Recital at the College Music Society's South Central Chapter Conference with the Wind and Wood Duo at UCA

March 28th: Guest Soloist with the Troy University's Percussion Ensemble (Mudra by Bob Becker and Amalgamation by Luis Rivera)

April 11-12: Guest Artist at the Kansas Day of Percussion, hosted by Washburn University (Solo Competition Judge and Performer)

April 13th: Guest Soloist with the Washburn University's Percussion Ensemble (Mudra by Bob Becker)

April 25th: Fort Smith Symphony Performance- Silent Film, The Sounds of Hitchcock

April 26th: Oklahoma Day of Percussion Performance, Ensemble Member with The Great Plains Percussion Group

June 24th-28th: Guest Artist Recital at ClarinetFest in Reno, Nevada with the Wind and Wood Duo

July 20th-24th: Guest Artist Residency at the Washburn Total Percussion Camp (Clinician, Ensemble Coach, Judge, soloist, and ensemble member)

Fall 2018

August 20th: Started my Fifth year of college teaching and my fifth year here at UAFS!!

August 27th: Shane Bailey Memorial Music Society Annual Bash Event, Overseen as a Board Member

September 7th: UAFS Percussion Studio hosts Dr. Chrissie Souza for a mallet excepts clinic

September 9th: Fort Smith Symphony presents Scheherazade 

September 11th: Arkansas Premiere of A Cool Gadget for Tambourine by Casey Cangelosi at the UAFS Faculty Showcase Concert

September 23rd: Recorded the Arkansas Region Eight Junior High All-Region Jazz Set Three at Northside High School (Engineer and Drumset)

September 29th: The UAFS Percussion Ensemble performs at the Shane Bailey Memorial Music Society's Family Fun Fest

October 9th-13th: Solo Recital, Amalgamation: A Recital of Self Commissioned Works for Solo Percussion, Performance to the National College Music  Society in Vancouver, Canada

October 20th: Fort Smith Symphony presents Time For Three

October 25th: UAFS Music Technology class hosts Mr. Eric Matthews for a lecturer on Music Business. 

November 5-6: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Tour through Northwest Arkansas

November 14-18th: University Pedagogy Committee meeting at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana

November 28th: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert featuring David Gillingham's Stained Glass

December 1st: Fort Smith Symphony Christmas Concert

December 19th-22nd: The Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois 

Spring/Summer 2019

January 19th: Fort Smith Symphony performs "City Lights" by Charles Chaplin 

January 31st: UAFS Faculty Showcase Concert, Solo Performance of "Khan Variations" by Alejandro Vinao 

February 14th-16th: Arkansas All-State Convention, Assisting as the Percussion Coordinator  

February 18th-20th: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Tour (Oklahoma Public Schools)

March 2nd: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert in the Breedlove Auditorium with guest soloist, Mr. Jamie Wind Whitmarsh

March 3rd: Concerto Performance with the Arkansas River Valley Community Band, Performing "Rule of Five" a Percussion Duo Concerto with Band

March 14th: UAFS Percussionists, Gavin Justus's Junior Recital

March 21st: College Music Society Solo Percussion Recital, "Amalgamation: A Self-Commissioned Solo Percussion Recital

March 29th: "Bullet Hell"- A Self Commissioned Faculty Recital presented by Dr. Tommy Dobbs

April 26th: Solo and Ensemble Performance with the Great Plains Percussion Group at the Oklahoma Day of Percussion

May 2nd: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert

May 4th: The Arkansas Day of Percussion

June TBA: Solo and Ensemble Performance with the Great Plains Percussion Group

Spring/Summer 2018

January 11-14th: Duo Breedlove (Dr. Christopher Barrick, Saxophone, and Dr. Tommy Dobbs, Percussion) recital at the Navy International Saxophone              Symposium at George Mason University (World Premiere of Peridot by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh)

January 26th: Accessory Percussion Fundamentals for Non Percussionists Clinic at the Arkansas Region VIII All-Region Band Clinic 

January 30th: UAFS Music Faculty Showcase Concert at The Blue Lion

February 8th: Performance of Peridot by Jamie Wind Whitmarsh at the Arkansas Saxophone Day, hosted by UAFS

February 12: Accessory Percussion Instruments Clinic at Broken Arrow High School

February 14th-17th: Arkansas All-State in Hot Springs, Arkansas

February 24th: Feature Artist at the Miss UAFS Pageant

March 16th: Wood and Wind (Dr. Andy DeBoer, Clarinet, and Dr. Tommy Dobbs, Percussion) performance at the College Music Society Conference,                   hosted at South Western Oklahoma State University

March 17th: Wood and Wind performance at the Great Plain Chapter College Music Society Conference in Iowa

March 27th: Great Plain Percussion Group residency at Friends University (Two Concerts and Clinics)

April 27th: Great Plains Percussion Group Showcase Concert at the Oklahoma Day of Percussion in Owasso, Oklahoma

May 3th: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert

May 5th: Arkansas Day of Percussion host by UAFS

May 20th-22nd: TBA Performance/Clinic at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors

June 10-13th: Great Plains Percussion Group Residency at the SWOSU Marimba Festival

July 10-15: Duo Breedlove Performance at the World Saxophone Congress in Croatia, Zegreb

Fall 2017

August 9th: Solo Marimba Performance at Mercy Hospital as part of the Fort Smith Symphony's Sounds of Mercy Concert Series

August 5th: Graduate with my Doctorate in Percussion Performance from THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY!!!

September 11th: The Fort Smith Symphony performs Shostakovich's Symphony No. 5

September 13th: UAFS Music Faculty Showcase Concert (Premiered The Last Drop of Sunlight by Chase Garner and Gemini by Marc Mellits)

October 6th: Wood and Wind Duo Showcase Concert at the 2017 National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors Conference in                             Montevallo, Alabama

October 7th: Solo Percussion Recital at the 2017 National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors Conference in Montevallo,                                      Alabama (Premiered Omnipieces by James Romig)

October 15th: Waldron Bulldog Marching Invitational in Waldron, Arkansas (Front Ensemble/Battery Adjudicator)

October 17th: Arkansas Region VIII Marching Assessment at Alma High School

October 27th: Dr. Andy DeBoer's Faculty Chamber Recital (Performed Escape by Marc Mellits and Ashfall by Mark Schultz)

November 7th: UAFS Percussion Ensemble PASIC Preview Concert in the Breedlove Auditorium

November 8-11th: The UAFS Percussion Studio travels to PASIC in Indianapolis, Indiana 

November 10th: The UAFS Percussion Ensemble Competes in the Percussive Arts Society's Chamber Percussion Ensemble Competition at PASIC

December 5th: The UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert in the Breedlove Auditorium (feature UAFS Senior Justin Ball)

December 9th: Arkansas Region VIII Junior High All Region Tryouts (Snare Drum Adjudicator)

December 19th-23rd- Traveling to the Midwest Clinic in Chicago 

Spring/Summer 2017

January 14th: Arkansas Region VIII All-Region Auditions (Xylophone Adjudicator)

January 20th: UAFS Percussion Studio Class (Glockenspiel and Chime Maintenance Clinic)

January 23rd: Professor Mariana Aun's Faculty Percussion Recital at University of Central Arkansas (Performed Sculpture In Wood and Fratalia)

January 31st: UAFS Music Faculty Showcase Concert at The Blue Lion (Performing Ashfall by Mark Schultz)


February 1st-4th: Dr. Kelsey Tamayo's Residency at UAFS (Clinic, Concert, and Private Lessons)

February 7th: Flute and Percussion Joint Faculty Recital at The Blue Lion (Ms. Ginny Hudson and Dr. Tommy Dobbs)

February 15th: Waldron Junior and High School Band Pre-Contest Assessment at Waldron High School Auditorium (Percussion Adjudicator)

February 16-18th: Arkansas All State Convention in Hot Spring, Arkansas

March 3rd: Booneville High School Marimba and Snare Drum Clinic in Booneville, Arkansas

March 8th-9th: Novus Percutere (Dr. Justin Alexander and Dr. Luis Rivera) Residency at UAFS 

March 10th: The Oklahoma Day of Percussion at Oklahoma City University (Performance with the Great Plains Percussion Group and the                                            Wood and Wind Duo)

March 11th-:Accessory Percussion Clinic for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Percussion Studio

March 12th: Wood and Wind Duo (Dr. Andy DeBoer, Clarinet, and Dr. Tommy Dobbs, Percussion) Showcase Concert for the College Music Society                              Great Plains Region

March 31st: Justin Ball, UAFS Senior, Percussion Recital in the Breedlove Auditorium

April 10th: Solo Snare Drum Performance for Darby Junior High Beginning Percussion Class

April 24th: The Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra Performs "Earquake" for 4,000 Fort Smith, Arkansas 6th Graders

April 30th: Said GOODBYE to my first car, a Pontiac Torrent, and purchased a new Chevy Colorado

May 3-8th: Professor Michael Taylor Residency with the UAFS Percussion Studio

May 4th: UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert (featuring the World Premiere of "Eye's Forward" by Michael Taylor and the music of Michael Eagle)

May 6th: Hosted/Planned the Arkansas Day of Percussion at UAFS (Guest Artists Doug DeMorrow and Michael Eagle)

May 8th: Justin Ball Advanced to the Semi-Final Round for The Great Plains International Marimba Competition

May 11th-13th: First Great Plains Percussion Group Tour (Deer Creek, Yukon, Edmond Santa Fe, and Mustang High Schools as well as a finale concert                        for El Sistema Oklahoma at OCU)

May 22nd: Participated in the Fayetteville performance of Inuksuit by John Luther Adams in the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks (Hosted by Third                               Coast Percussion) 

May 23rd: Co-Led an panel discussion entitled "Strategies and Challenges for Small Programs" at the National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy

June 26th-30th: Drumset Instructor and Faculty Jazz Band Drumset Player for the UAFS Jazz Band Camp

June 27th: Panel Member for "Succeeding as a Musician in The Real World: A Workshop for Aspiring Young Musician," hosted by The Shane Bailey                          Memorial Foundation

June 25th-July 2nd: Percussionist/Soloist with the Tanyecomo Festival Percussion Ensemble (Soloist on Downcycle by Brian Nozny)

July 14th: Successfully Defended my Treatise, entitled The Impact of Audio and Video Recording on the University Percussion Curriculum: A Case                        Study, at  The Florida State University, in Tallahassee, Florida

July 16th-19th: Performed with The Great Plains Percussion Group during the Final Round of The Great Plains International Marimba Competition with the Six Finalist.

July 19th: Justin Ball WON FIRST PLACE at The Great Plains International Marimba Competition!!!!!!

July 23rd: Presented/Passed my final Lecture Recital, entitled A Rhythmic and Textural Analysis of the music of Brian Nozny, at Florida State University

July 31st: Performed at the International Clarinet Association Clarinetfest in Orlando, Florida (Performed Prime by Marc Mellits)

Fall 2016

Summer 2016

August 22nd: UAFS Classes in Session

August 26th: Duo Rodinia Residency at UAFS (Clinic in Room 105 at 5pm)

August 27th: Dup Rodinia Concert at The Blue Lion at UAFS Downtown at 7:30pm

September 4th: Recording Session, Arkansas Junior High All-Region Jazz at Northside High School

September 11th: Concert with Joshua Bell and The Fort Smith Symphony

September 13th: UAFS Faculty Music Showcase at The Blue LIon (Performed Benjamin Fraley's "Notions"

September 15th: Mrs. Ginny Hudson's Faculty Flute Recital at The Blue LIon (Performed three duets)

September 19th: Recorded (Audio/Video) Dr. Christopher Barrick's Faculty Saxophone Recital at The Blue Lion

September 21st: Recorded (Audio/Video) Meraki Duo Concert at The Blue Lion

September 27th: Performed with Dr. Andrew DeBoer on his UAFS Faculty Chamber Recital (Performed Kevin Puts' "And Legions Will Rise" and Marc Mellits' "Prime")

October 11th: Recorded (Audio) the UAFS Chorale Concert at the Fort Smith Convention Center

October 16th: Percussion Adjudicator for the Waldron Bulldog Marching Invitational Competition

October 22nd: Performed with The Fort Smith Symphony (Hot Latin Nights)

November 22nd: Guest Soloist with the Oklahoma City University Percussion Ensemble (Performing Brian Nozny's "Downcyle")

December 6th: The UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert (Guest Soloists performing Brian Nozny's "Downcylce"

December 10th: Percussion Adjudicator, Arkansas Region Eight Junior High All Region

June: Ginny Hudson Wedding on Mount Nebo

June: Northside Drumline Camps

June: Tanyecomo Festival Orchestra Residency (Section Percussion, Principal Timpani, Percussion Ensemble Member

July 4th: Symphony of Northwest Arkansas Performance in Bentonville

July: John Psathas Recording Project at Furman University (two week residency)

July: Benjamin Fraley's Wedding in Minnesota

Fall 2015

August 3rd-7th- Northside High School Band Camp (Front Ensemble Arranger/Instructor)

September 15th- UAFS Music Faculty Showcase Concert (Luis Rivera Premiere)

October 3rd- Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra (Copland's Symphony No. 3)

October 10th- Adjudicator, Charleston Marching Contest

October 24th- Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra (Around the world with Disney!)

November 10th- UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert

November 11th-14th- PASIC in San Antonio, Texas

November 30th- UAFS Chamber Ensemble Concert

December 5th- Fort Smith Symphony (Holiday Memories)

December 16th-19th- The Midwest Clinic (UAFS Exhibitor)


Spring 2016

January 23rd- Fort Smith Symphony Concert (Beethoven/Mozart)

January 28th- Connor Stevens and Brant Blackard UAFS Residency

January 29th- UAFS Music Faculty Showcase Concert

         (Michael Tayler Premiere)

March 5th-10th- Nails Percussion Group UAFS Residency 

April 9th- Arkansas Day of Percussion

        (Snare Drum Clinic/UAFS Percussion Ensemble Performance)

April 16th- Fort Smith Symphony Concert (Pops)

April 23rd- UAFS Chamber Ensemble Concert

May 3-5th- Dr. Gordon Hicken UAFS Residency

May 5th- UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert (Featuring, Dr. Gordon Hicken)

May 14th- Fort Smith Symphony Concert (Brahms)

Spring 2015


Summer 2015

June 17th-19th- Yamaha Sounds of Summer Drumline Camp in Fort Smith, Arkansas (Instructor)

June 8th-12th- UAFS Symphonic Band Camp (Percussion Instructor)

June 22nd-26th- UAFS Jazz Band Camp (Drumset Instructor)

June 27th- Premiere Performance of Jamie Whitmarsh's Tock with the Taneycomo Festival Orchestra 

July 6th-10th- UAFS Jazz/Rock String Orchestra Camp (Drumset)

July 11th- Michael Taylor and Jody Morgan's Wedding in Jacksonville, Florida

July 17th-31st- John Psathas Recording Project at Furman University





January 10th- Navy Band Saxophone Symposium with Duo Breedlove

January 26th- Fort Smith Symphony (Mendelssohn Symphony No. 3)

February 19th-21st- Arkansas All-State in Hot Springs, AR. 

February 24th- Dr. Andy DeBoer's Recital at The Blue Lion (Performing Damn by John Mackey)

March 5th- UAFS Season of Entertainment performance with the UAFS Musical Theatre (drumset).

March 6th- Duo Breedlove (saxophone/percussion duo) performance the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville

March 16th- My Chamber Recital at The Blue Lion (featuring UAFS Faculty and my student, Matthew Oliver)

March 20th-30th- Traveling to Florida State University to complete my Preliminary Exams

April 5th-  Florida State University Performance as part of Stacy Christofakis's Presser Award Recital/Lecture

April 6th- Defending my Preliminary Exams at Florida State University 

April 11th- Fort Smith Symphony (Overture to Candide and An American In Paris)

April 11th- The Arkansas Day of Percussion (The UAFS Percussion Studio will be attending)

April 15th- My Solo Recital in the Breedlove Auditorium at UAFS

April 27th- UAFS Chamber Ensemble Concert

April 29th- UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert with special guest artist Adam Blackstock from Troy University 

May 16th- Fort Smith Symphony (Suite from "The Firebird" and Beethoven Symphony No. 5)

Fall 2014

September 8th- Faculty Recital

September 24th- Dallas Brass Concert (Extra Percussionist)

October 4th- Fort Smith Symphony (Bolero, Short Ride, and  Hary Janos)

October 12th- UAFS Octubafest (Drumset)

October 14th- UAFS Season of Entertainment: Choral Concert (Solo Vibraphone)

October 25th- Fort Smith Symphony (Capriccio Italian and Polovitsian Dances)

November 4th- UAFS Symphonic Band Concert (Extra Percussionist)

November 13th- UAFS Percussion Ensemble Concert

November 17th- UAFS Chamber Ensemble Concert (UAFS Percussion Studio)

Novermber 19-23rd- PASIC in Indianapolis, Indiana

December 1st- Season of Entertainment: Season's Greetings Concerts

December 6th- Fort Smith Symphony (Christmas Pops with Violinist Doug Cameron)

December 16-19th- Midwest Conference in Chicago

December 19th- Luis Rivera's Wedding 




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